Caitlin Simon, aka Baby Cate, started making music when she was about four years old. Her parents bought her some toy drums for Christmas and since that moment, she never turned back. She ditched the drums about five minutes later and traded it in for a guitar a several years down the line. Figuring most of it out on her own, she began learning melodies and harmonies with chord progressions.


Growing up in a small town in Massachusetts for most of her life kept her grounded. In middle school, she had first learned about production and recording through Garageband and Logic Pro 9. Experimenting with rock elements to pop to recording covers with a guitar to making beats really helped her figure out the direction she wanted to go in down the line.


In 2015, she started her studies at Hofstra University to continue to further discover the world of the music industry. In May of 2019 she graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Business. 


Her 'UFO' EP briefly brought to light what type of artist Cate is, as she anticipates dropping more music. It is this ambition and relentless passion that keeps her determined to go as far as her creative can take her.


“I want people to want to listen to every song I make over and over again because they connect to it in some way. That’s what makes it timeless."

Baby Cate ®